Our Rental Requirements

NOTE: After paying your application fees, it is considered nonrefundable.

At the time rental tenant applicant applies for one of the properties that are managed by Exit Realty Excel, we request that you and/or your real estate agent review our tenant applicant background check eligibility requirements prior to paying for the application fee.  This page include the criteria and possible reason that a prospective rental tenant's application may be denied.  

(1) Criminal history: The Landlord will run a criminal history check including sex offender registration and criminal record searches. Information provided on this report could influence the landlord or Management Company’s representative’s acting on behalf of owner’s decision to approve your application. These criteria that could lead denial could include (this is not intended to be a exhaustive list, but to help illustrate examples of history that could be denied):

A. Applicants who are found to be registered sexual offenders will not pass

B. Applicants with a history misdemeanor and felony drug convictions

C. Applicants who have a history of violent crimes

D. Applicants who have a history of damaging property, theft, or fraud

(2) Previous rental history: We will compare your address on your driver’s license, information provided on the application to verify previous address. In addition, we will contact your most recent previous landlord. Providing inaccurate information, not fully disclosing accurate information, missing information, failure to provide requested information (copies of drivers license, social security, obtaining copies of eviction records, obtaining copies of judgments for unpaid rents, or information obtained from 

contacting previous landlords many influence landlord or Management Company’s representative acting on behalf of the owner to approve your application. These criteria that could lead denial could include (this is not intended to be a exhaustive list, but to help illustrate examples of history that could be denied):

A. Prospective tenant applicants who cannot provide social security and drivers license information or supporting documents upon request to help verify identity will be denied

B. Prospective tenant applicants who have a broken lease within a year will be denied

C. Prospective tenant applicants who have a history of broken leases or evictions can be denied

D. Prospective tenants applicants who have a history of judgments by former landlords or properties can be denied

E. Prospective tenant applicants whose previous address does not match drivers license or previous lease, and we cannot verify previous residences can be denied.

(3) Current income: Landlord will asks us to verify your income. This may include copies of payroll checks, tax returns, bank statements, award letters; government subsidized housing vouchers, or verifying with current employers. Depending on the rental amounts requested for the property, the sufficiency of income along with the ability to verify the income may landlord or Management Company’s representative acting on behalf of the owner to approve your application. We require 3 times amount 

rental amount. These criteria that could lead denial could include (this is not intended to be an exhaustive list, but to help illustrate examples of history that could be denied):

a. Employment Requirement: Depending on the rental amounts requested and amenities included (for example, if water or electricity is included); we normally request that tenants have an after payroll tax income that is equal to or greater than three times the rent.

b. Self Employed Individual: The Schedule C on the tax return should substantiate monthly gross income requirements of at least 3 times the rental amount. In addition, bank statements should be provided to substantiate the tax return information.

(4) Credit History: Landlord will obtain a Credit Reporting Agency (CRA) Report, which is commonly known as a credit report in order to verify your credit history. Landlord and/or Management Company Representative acting on behalf of the owner’s decisions maybe based in part on information obtained in this report. 

a. Credit Requirements: requires a minimum of 600 credit score.

(5) Accurate Information: Failure to provide accurate or complete information on the prospective tenant application form can lead to the denial of the prospective tenant applicant being approved for the property. Unverifiable information will also be considered a reason to deny the prospective tenant applicant. This information includes residency information, income information, and other facts provided on the application.

(6) Occupancy Standards: The tenant applicant maybe subject to any community, local ordinance limiting the number of adult 2 occupants per room.

(7) Pets: Applicants will be subject to community, association, or local ordinance regarding pets. Additionally, the landlord and/or management company may request: 

See pet requirements below Pet Requirements: The following pets will not be accepted under any circumstances: 

German Shepherds, Dobermans, Pit Bulls, Chows or Rottweiler’s, Malamute, Wolf-Dog Hybrid, Bulldog, Mastiff, Great Dane, Bullmastiff, St. Bernard, Presa Canario, 

Akita, Tosa Inu, Siberian husky, Terrier any mix of the aforementioned or any other breed or mixture thereof which Management decides to not approve. 

a) May include providing proof of registration with the local government. 

b) Additionally, we can deny application to tenant who cannot provide proof of renter’s insurance (including name the property management firm and landlord as additional insured) with the appropriate coverage for pet liabilities can be denied. 

c) Additionally, we will require additional addendum to be signed for the pet if allowed

d) Landlord can request a possible adjustment of the rent and/or additional deposit for the pet. 

e) An alternative solution that we may request is that the tenants enroll in a pet damages waiver program provided through Credit Investigators. To qualify for the pet damage waiver program a tenant will be subject to passing the screening process conducted by Credit Investigators and its partners.

(8) Certified Funds/Online payments: The prospective tenant applicant to have a timely processing of 

their application requires payment of application fees to be paid in certified funds. You may pay online 

but need7 to 10 days to clear.

(9) Processing Time: The prospective tenant applicant acknowledges that the application will only be processed when all requested information (application, application fee, copies of ID, copies of proof of income, and copy of old lease is obtained) takes normally up to 24 to 48 business hours. This time is required to verify with employers and previous landlords. 

(10) Rental Insurance: Landlord or Management Company Representative acting on behalf of the owner’s decisions will ask for rental insurance

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